About DermAesthetic Consulting

Our DermAesthetic consultants offer our clients over 30 years of industry experience to help them achieve ultimate success.  Our experience helps you prevent mistakes, maximize revenue, and grow your clinic to become #1.  

We understand that your business is medicine.  Medical Dermatology offices that offer both Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology are becoming the new era of anti-aging clinics.  Establishing a company that offers both can be challenging.  It requires organization, excellent staff training, and a strategic plan providing synergy between both medical and cosmetic services.  Our experts organize and manage your business by teaching your staff the tools needed for success so you can focus on what you do best. 

DermAesthetic Consultants offer a variety of services to include:

​ The Vision Behind DermAesthetic Consulting

We provide business owners, physicians and aesthetic professionals the skills and strategies to grow  careers and create 7-figure businesses.  We specialize in helping clinics that offer both medical and cosmetic dermatology, as well as those that offer only aesthetic procedures, to maximize revenue while differentiating themselves from the competition.  In addition,  we offer basic and advanced training for professionals that work within the aesthetic cosmetic industry.  

DermAesthetic Consulting offers the most extensive menu of services to help our clients achieve success on both the business side and the professional side to create a full circumference of training and consulting for all of your business and career advancement needs.  We are industry professionals who understand the challenges Dermatology practices and medical spas face every day.  We understand because we have been where you are now!  We have been the owner, the laser technician, medical assistant, nurse, sales trainer, the medical director, the consultant and the advertising specialist.  Essentially every expertise needed to run a successful practice, we have done on our own and done it well.  
After owning several of our own clinics, and helping many other  practices, we share and provide training on what really works to  teach you the skills needed to  achieve lasting success.

For the entrepreneur and business owners , we offer business planning, coaching, website development, SEO, social media management, event planning, sales training, advertising and marketing development, medical billing and credentialing services.  For the professional aesthetic provider, we provide both basic and advanced training and certification on a variety of laser services and medical aesthetics treatments.  We advance your career by providing professional  development seminars,, sales coaching and consultation training, and so much more.  Whether you are the owner of an aesthetic business or a provider wanting to advance your education, we will lead you towards success! 

Our knowledge and extensive industry experience help provide a competitive edge against your competition while providing an ongoing resource to assist with leadership, organization, personal development and overall success for your business and or career. 

Let Our Experience Elevate your Success

Ashley James (AJ)​

CEO and founder

Ashley James (AJ), is the CEO and founder of DermAesthetic Consulting, is also responsible for founding The National Medspa Training Institute. She opened her first clinic at 23 years old, where she has continued to innovate and expand throughout the years.

Throughout Ashley’s career in various industries, her vision continues to change with time as well. With nearly 20 years of quality experience in the medical and aesthetic field, she has founded four award-winning medical spas, dermatology, and plastic surgery clinics. In addition to her success as a medical spa and dermatology clinic owner, she is a mastermind sales consultant, published skincare author, aesthetic laser trainer and educator, social media influencer, and experienced business consultant. After attending nursing school for three years before transferring and obtaining a BA in Business Marketing, she received her aesthetics diploma from the Professional Institute of Cosmetology in 2002, earning a National Certification in Medical Aesthetics and Laser Technology in 2005. This level of training made her one of the first nationally certified laser technicians in the Midwest. With her education and proven success as a business owner, she began providing training for laser technology and business consulting to physicians and various medical spas around the country in 2008.

As one of the first non-physicians to own a medical practice in the midwest, AJ has weathered the storms of starting and growing businesses to become 7-figure practices. As new technologies and treatments emerged and the medical aesthetic industry exploded, she was someone who was at the forefront of an ever-changing industry for nearly two decades. She understands how to insulate businesses from aggressive competition, changing regulations and compliance for professionals while making a solid footprint within a primarily physician-owned industry while continuing as a trusted leader & expert medical skin specialist to customers seeking aesthetic care.  

As a woman who is a leader in her profession with extensive entrepreneurial experience owning and operating various businesses, she has been recognized Nationally and was awarded “Business Woman of the Year” by the National Association of Professional Woman in 2016. Her dedication and hard work in developing a solid team have also resulted in over 24 Best of the Best Awards throughout her career, including Best Place for Skin, Best Place for Aesthetic Surgery, Best Local Product, and Best Spa, Best Local Doctor. In 2013, she was recognized for “Business Woman Making a Difference” and featured in Boomer Magazine, DSM Magazine, and City-View. During that time, her Dermatology & Medical Spa clinic also earned the prestigious national title as a “Real Self Top Doctor.” As the DermAesthetics Founder, she has a sincere passion for the skincare and cosmetic dermatology industry and an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge to ensure her student and business customers receive only the best.

In addition to her success as a business owner and medical aesthetician, her passion leads her to co-create her own skincare line. After nearly eight years of research, trial and error, and development, her skincare line launched in the summer of 2017 and continues to grow as a product line. Less than a year after her product line launch, British Vogue Magazine featured the products as one of the Top 20 Best Anti-Aging must-haves. In September of 2018, her Skin Care Line became the official Skin Care Sponsor for the International Reality TV Awards. Additionally, each celebrity grab bag contained the entire line. In Jan of 2019, her skincare line was then featured on the Amazing Blog launching her Skin Care Line into overnight success in the UK. This success ultimately resulted in AJ selling her Dermatology Medspa to focus on her product line and DermAesthetic Consulting. She feels she can make a greater impact within the skincare industry and other up-and-coming aesthetic professionals and Medspa owners.

Dr. Lisa Jenks

Co-Founder and Head Physician Trainer and Business Consultant

Dr. Lisa Jenks is the Co-Founder and Head Physician Trainer and Business Consultant at DermAesthetic Consulting. Dr. Lisa is an industry leader and nationally recognized for her work in the medical aesthetic field. Her career began as an emergency physician. She was later transitioning into the field of medical dermatology and aesthetics in 2006. In 2007 she founded her award-winning medical spa facility, one of Colorado’s largest and most successful medical spas. Dr. Lisas’ work has also earned her many prestigious awards, including but not limited to being named one of Real Self Top American Doctors, Allergens Top 500 injectors, and Colorado’s TOP 100 Woman in Business Award. In addition to these professional awards, her business has earned many additional awards, such as the BBB Best Customer Service Award and Diamond Award for Medical Aesthetics, along with various local and community business awards in Colorado. As a trusted trainer for nearly fifteen years, Dr. Lisa has also provided injection and business training to many other physicians around the nation.  

In addition to her extensive experience as a physician, trainer, and business owner, in 2018, she was asked to join the Skin Inc., advisory board! The Skin Inc’s Advisory Board serves as a sounding board to what is happening in the spa industry worldwide. As a trusted industry veteran and member of the Skin Inc. Advisory Board,  Dr. Lisa Jenks provides Skin Inc. editors with expert input on given topics, contributes to their thought leadership through articles, and brings that thought leadership to life by presenting at Face & Body events nationwide. Dr. Lisa has also been a guest speaker on various medical podcasts for her expertise in building multi-million dollar entitlements. Like her partner, AJ, Dr. Lisa also developed and created a skincare line to provide trusted, medical-grade products to the thousands of patients she has worked with. DermAesthetic Consulting was founded on our two founders’ substantial knowledge and experience and is dedicated to producing the highest quality training and business consulting available anywhere.

Together AJ and Dr. Lisa offer overall experience in the industry as business owners and as recognized aesthetic leaders, allowing them to provide a larger circumference of care for training and education that isn’t offered elsewhere. No other consulting company offers this wide variety of consulting and training to business owners, physicians, and other aesthetic professionals to help owners and aesthetic providers with solutions for success.

Dr. Lisa, AJ, and the Team of Educators offer training and aesthetic certification courses through their sister company, THE NATIONAL MEDSPA TRAINING INSTITUTE. Classes are offered online and in-person and can be scheduled to be provided in the privacy of your own home or medspa.

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