What Strategy Or Tactics Would Be Useful To Gain Clientele For A New Medspa Business?

Tactics Would Be Useful To Gain Clientele For A New Medspa Business

Successfully opening the doors of your Medspa business is just the start, and now, you have to keep the business running by ensuring consistent profits. That said, it’s easier said than done. You need to find a way somehow to keep your customers happy and ensure that they come back for more. 

The medspa industry is a rapidly growing market, and analysts expect that there will be a compound annual growth rate of 14.3% from 2021 to 2028. It is potentially becoming a 36.8 billion dollar market. The market is growing, which means more business potential, which means you need to expect competitors. 

Not only do you need to make a profit, but you also have to ensure that you stay relevant or even ahead of your competitors. So how do you exactly do that? Here are some strategies or tactics that you have to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Who Is Your Audience?

Before we get too excited about knowing and applying strategies or tactics for your medspa business, there is one question you have to answer. Who is your target audience? 

You can’t make a proper strategy if you can’t correctly identify who your audience is. Identifying your audience is crucial to knowing how to engage with them. Otherwise, you might encounter a wrong audience who is entirely disinterested in medspa services. 

While that may be an obvious example, you can still get the wrong audience despite targeting the medspa audience. Here are a few tips you can do to find the right audience.

  • What Services Do You Offer? What services do you offer in your medspa? Are you more focused on injectables rather than laser treatments? What is the general theme of your medspa? 
  • Know Your Clients: Although clients know what services they offer, they will always want to seek something new and different. Ask questions, learn their habits, and know what trends they follow. Ask them what they want in your spa so that you can better serve them.
  • Research Your Competition: Don’t hesitate to seek out your competition and how they reach new potential clients. Identify what they are doing right and wrong, and see if you can use that knowledge or not. 

Now that you know your audience, you have to make a name that caters to your customers. 

Establish A Brand Name

Making a brand name is crucial to how people will identify your clinic later on. How did Botox become one of the most well-known injectable treatments? They made a really good brand name. 

A brand name is an identity you attach to your product or service in its simplest embodiment. Big or small businesses alike can benefit from having a good brand name, and it can determine whether your medspa business will succeed or fail. Unfortunately, brand names ideas don’t just materialize on top of your head—it can take days, weeks, or months of thinking just trying to attain that perfect brand name. 

You have to develop a unique name, slogan, and logo. They all have to be original and well-thought-out designs to attract better attention, and clients can easily remember you. Once you’ve come up with an idea, resist changing it, it would confuse potential clients. 

Likewise, establish a trademark. You wouldn’t want someone to use your brand name and use it for their own purposes. 

Strategies For Your Medspa Business

Now that you know your audience and have made a name for yourself, it’s time to let them know you exist. There are several ways you can do to catch their attention. 

We will mainly use online methods for this section since most people are into the internet these days. Likewise, when they are looking for a medspa, they typically reach out to the ones near them. 

Build An Online Presence And Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization 

Building a website and a social media page should be at the top of your list. People will want to learn more about your medspa business before visiting you. They want to know what services they offer, and your job is to provide them with all the information they need. 

It’s not just about making a website and a social media page either, and you have to keep it active and updated. Here are some benefits of why you should have an online presence and optimize your SEO:

  • Trustworthiness: A constantly updated website, a good design, and an accessible one—like a mobile-friendly site—increases your trustworthiness. They can quickly help themselves find what information they seek, what services you offer, and how they can contact you. 
  • Better Visibility On Search Engines: Most people only look at the first page on Google when searching for something. So if you have a well-maintained site that is constantly updated with blogs, you will at least be on the first page, paving the way for potential clients to seek your services. 
  • Stand Out Against Competition: There are practically hundreds of medspa businesses around. By placing yourself at least on the first page on Google, most people won’t bother checking other sites.

Advertising And Marketing

You can try out paid online advertising and other marketing methods to artificially increase your traffic to your website. Not only will this increase your ranking on search engines, but this will also target specific people looking for a particular service that you may have offered in your med spa business. 

Say, for example, when people are looking for microneedling, Google will show an ad created by you to the potential client. So once they click the ad, they will be moved to your site page that promotes microneedling treatment. 

However, you need to make a convincing banner on why people should click your ads. Fortunately, you can make several ads and see which one is the most effective at making conversions. 


These are some of the few strategies you can do right now to gain clients for your new medspa business. However, these tips only barely scratch the surface. If you want to know more about strategies for your medspa business, consider visiting our office, Derm Aesthetic Consulting. We offer consulting services and training programs that help our clients start their services quickly without hiccups. 

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