How Can One Learn About PDO Thread Lift? What Would Be The Requirements

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PDO thread lift is one of the trendiest cosmetic treatments currently on the market. If your clinic now doesn’t offer this treatment, you are missing out, big time! This treatment is a must-have for all aesthetics clinics to attract more customers and receive excellent reviews.

Why is this treatment so popular recently? One of the reasons why PDO thread lifting is so popular is because it’s a minimally-invasive procedure and produces the same results as surgical procedures. Many people are not very keen to go under the knife for a cosmetic treatment. 

As much as possible, they want to play it safe. Surgical procedures are somewhat known to be irreversible. So if the client is dissatisfied, there’s no going back from it. Even if that isn’t always necessarily the case, that’s what regular people understand when they think of surgical procedures. 

What Is Involved In A Facelift Surgery

PDO Thread Lift is a facelift procedure, and it helps tighten and lift the skin. The reason why so many want a facelift is due to aging. As we grow older, the skin sags and other signs of aging develops. 

Previously, and in some clinics, the practice required a surgical procedure to achieve the job. It involves removing excess skin, smoothening the folds or wrinkles, and tightening it to stop facial skin sagging. In the hairline, an incision is made close the temples, going in front of the ear, down in front of and clutching the earlobe, then back to the lower scalp behind the ears.

Likewise, fat and excess skin may be distributed or removed accordingly, depending on the needs. It also involves redistributing underlying muscle connective tissue. 

A facelift is also applicable for the neck, removing excess fat and skin. The neck’s skin will be tightened and pulled up, somewhat similar to drawing a sock by pulling it up. It removes folds and other signs of aging. 

Some Clients Loss Interest

Understandably, when you explain that fact to some clients, there will always be a few that might back out. Not many are fond of surgeries. Also, as a clinic, you understand how much training and education was needed for that procedure.

What you want, or what we all want, is to increase the conversion rate as much as possible. A procedure that removes signs of aging is sure to catch people’s attention, but transferring it to conversion is another factor we need. You want to maximize your investment in the training and education you’ve put into your practice. 

Thanks to modern technology and techniques, that has become increasingly easier now more than ever. But new technology and new training warrant more investment. However, the returns will be much better this time since we can exponentially increase the conversion rate.

If you learn about the treatment, you can grow your medspa or clinic significantly! 

PDO Thread Lift, A Facelift Without Incisions

Thanks to the development of PDO Thread Facelift, we can guarantee clients that we can remove signs of aging without putting them in a surgical procedure. You can confidently tell them that you won’t have to make incisions of any kind. 

PDO stands for polydioxanone, and through that formula, we can naturally stimulate the body’s regenerative processes. 

Although we won’t open the skin, we will use long needles and some threads, which will be the ones that will pull the skin. However, these threads will dissolve over time; the more experienced the surgeon, the longer it will last.

How Does PDO Thread Lift Work?

The exact approach can differ for each surgeon, but typically, here is how the procedure works:

Cleansing And Numbing

You will have to cleanse the face to remove excess oil and dirt. It’s a straightforward process, requiring alcohol and other cleansing materials. 

Next, you will apply anesthesia or numbing cream—they might even require both depending on the patient’s needs. It will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes of waiting time before the anesthesia take full effect. After that, we can finally proceed towards the next steps.


The treatment requires precision, so you need to mark the client’s face with a temporary marker. By plotting the course, you can efficiently minimize the number of threads you need and at the same time still achieve the desired results. Make sure to use pen markers that are easily removed to increase patient satisfaction. 


The PDO thread will be contained in a thin hollow cannula that you will insert through the skin’s sub-dermal layers. Using the thread, you will be grabbing on the loose tissue within the skin, which you will then reposition as the needle is removed, tightening the skin. 

Depending on your client’s needs, the treatment can last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes, which could even be more.  

How Can One Learn About PDO Thread Lift?

To successfully incorporate the PDO thread lift into your clinic, you need to undergo advanced training that provides certification. No matter how good you are as a surgeon, you will still need a certificate to be allowed to perform the practice. 

You can consider partaking in DermaAesthetic Consulting’s PDO Training services if you are interested. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned medical practitioner. We offer classes for beginners up to advanced courses. 

What Do DermaAesthetic Consulting’s Courses Offer? 

They offer courses that provide hands-on practical training. You will learn about how to place thread sutures, ensuring that you achieve the best results as efficiently as possible.

Several physicians will lead this course, guiding the students. They provide an intimate learning environment. Also, there will only be five students per instructor to ensure quality. You will get to learn from award-winning physicians; what’s better than that?

The courses will be conducted in a medical setting, not a conference or a simple room. They will give you practical experience, so once you are in the clinic, you already know who to do it properly. Forget theories since you have experience. 

What Are The Requirements?

Here are the requirements to learn PDO thread lift:

  • Completed Training In Botox and Filler Injection Training
  • You have to be a physician or a nurse practitioner
  • Thorough understanding of facial anatomy
  • Six months of Botox And Other Injectables Experience

Consider Learning PDO Thread Lift Now!

PDO Thread Lift is one of the trendiest treatments to remove signs of aging. If you don’t want to miss out, consider reaching to DermaAesthetic Consulting today! They can teach you about business decisions, and they offer courses to help your clinic grow! 

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